Miroslava Duma

So these are two different images taken minutes apart, but to me they both work as one. Miroslava Duma seemed to be having some major issues with the streetstyle photographers this season. It became worst and worst as the week progressed. This image was taken on Day 7 and she just seemed incredibly annoyed with the photographers all day. This was towards the end of the day around sunset time during the golden hour. We were in Chelsea and the brownstones as backdrops were just beyond perfect, but Mira was not having it. When this photo above was taken, there must to
have been about 25 photographers chasing her down the street and asking her to stop and pose. She refused to stop. She was looking for her driver and could not find him so she had to stop walking. The minute she stopped all the photographers just surrounded her. She refused to smile, instead she looked irritated and like she could not wait to vanish out of there. This went on for a few minutes when the photographers kind of gave up and went away since they could not get a nice photo of her with a smile or a better facial expression. At that point I was already behind her figuring out how to compose the photo I took bellow.

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