Grace Coddington

This is probably my most favorite image of this season. Grace does not like stopping for the
photographers outside the shows. She really does her best to avoid all of us. I try and not disturb her
and respect her annoyance with us, but I also take it as a challenge and it just makes me want to get an
interesting portrait of her even more. This was the last day, it was drizzling and everyone was exhausted
and so over Fashion Week at that point. It was also the very last show of the day and she was leaving
and probably rushing to go to London. I am obsessed with her hair and I think it is such big part of the
person she is. So as she was running out and every single photographer positioned themselves in front of
her, I stayed in the back to get a photo of the back of her head on all it’s orange glory. I am very happy
with how it turned out. One of the things I love the most about shooting streetstyle is how you have to
learn to go with the flow and compose your images fast and on the go. The colors, the window, the fact
that no one was near her. I was lucky enough to have everything working in my favor at that moment. It
does not always play out this well.

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