apple of my eye

  ❤ Hat, Mod Swad Bamboo Flower hat; Navy dress, H&M; Bunny, Jellycat.

100 days of baby j

  100 days ago we were so blessed to welcome the arrival of our little angel baby Jordan! Since then she has become the most precious thing in my life! Today we celebrate the 100th day of baby j, and I wish her the healthiest, happiest and coolest little person of all time! ❤

Lilac festival 

   Baby j goes to her 1st lilac festival!  ❤ On baby j: flower crown, H&M; denim jumpsuit, Joe Fresh. On me: scarf, Hermes; black jumpsuit, Zara; bag, Chanel.

My little ballerina

I think not only me, but every mom must enjoy the time shopping for the baby clothes, especially for baby girl’s, they are like a doll version of the grown ups. It is pretty hard, but, I have been trying to hold onto my eager to buy too many cute summer dresses for baby j, since she is growing pretty fast, I don’t want…

Yue Zi

Yue Zi (月子)is a Chinese tradition that combines 30 days of bed resting and nutrients food intaking that is followed by almost all Chinese women after they give birth to help restoring their health back. As a Chinese woman I did try to follow all the “rules” but the entire traditional regimen was way more difficult than it was actually relaxing. Traditionally, during this month,…