Virgin America safety video

  If the safety videos on all airlines are cool like this, I will definitely pay attention!!!

Pieces of Me

I love to collect things. Erasers, stamps, stickers, dolls, animation figures.. since I was young. Now I collect postcards, lipsticks, nail polishes, shoes and arts. Somehow my husband has the same collecting habit (problem), so we always find ourselves decorating the apartment with our most cherished treasures.

Barre Body

Have you heard of Barre Body work out? It’s a combination of Pilate, Yoga and Dance. The workout helps to build up long and lean muscle as well as training your whole body flexibility, posture and balance. Each Barre Body workout class can burn up to 500 calories!!!!! (Oh YES!) I have been doing Barre as a 30-day challenge since October 1st, and I’m…