Sha Tin Racecourse

It was my very first time been to a racecourse – Sha Tin Racecourse is one of the two famous racetracks in Hong Kong. I was very much amazed by how beautiful this racecourse was and how many people were there to watch. And of course I bought a few tickets to try my luck but didn’t win. Oh well, it was a great…

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

I have been to Hong Kong for so many times, everytime I’m here I found myself loving this city even more! Love the beautiful skyline, the food, and of course the numerous shops. Hong Kong, I just can’t take my eyes off you.

Hutongs in Beijing

Hutongs aka alleys had formed the old Beijing city, but now most of them are demolished into wider roads and modern buildings, only a few of hutongs are left as protected areas to preserve the Chinese cultural history. The pictures above were taken in Nanluogu alley, which has been kept as its original hutong look, but with lots of street food and boutiques owned…

Art of Packing

There are some great tips for packing from Louis Vuitton, like folding the jacket/blazer with collars up, rolling the jeans to save more space and putting the jacket on top of the suitcase (I always put it at the bottom, no wonder it gets wrinkled so easy). These tips come handy for the up-coming holiday season, packing can be fun and creative too. I am…

Virgin America safety video

  If the safety videos on all airlines are cool like this, I will definitely pay attention!!!