Feeling Spring

It is so nice to have the warm Spring breeze here in Calgary! It feels like I have been wearing layers and layers of winter clothes for too long, and can’t wait to bare some skin and enjoy this warm sunshine. ❤

Mixed colour wool jacket, Topshop; white shirt with cape back, Zara; crushed gold velvet skirt, Topshop; Birkin bag, Hermes; Rockstuds pointy flats, Valentino. 

New In

Something new for my up-coming birthday 😛 Chanel sandals and ‘the Classified Portrait’ from 13th Witness.

Hutongs in Beijing

Hutongs aka alleys had formed the old Beijing city, but now most of them are demolished into wider roads and modern buildings, only a few of hutongs are left as protected areas to preserve the Chinese cultural history.

The pictures above were taken in Nanluogu alley, which has been kept as its original hutong look, but with lots of street food and boutiques owned by local Beijingers.

pictures taken by asimOverstands


Iron Mike soft side

Everyone has a soft side, including Iron Mike! 😛

Pieces of Me

I love to collect things. Erasers, stamps, stickers, dolls, animation figures.. since I was young. Now I collect postcards, lipsticks, nail polishes, shoes and arts. Somehow my husband has the same collecting habit (problem), so we always find ourselves decorating the apartment with our most cherished treasures.

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