Fall in Beijing


Some pictures I took when I was in Beijing a month ago.

Bon Voyage


I am a frequent traveller, and by saying that, I meant a long-haul flight traveller. I am packing today for my trip, so I thought I should share with you what I usually pack for my +12 hours “in-flight enjoyment”.

Because I am always travelling long-haul, my skin can get very dry up in the air, so I always make sure to use some easy-to-pack skin care for hydration. In my previous post, I have mentioned that I am recently obsessed with Korean single sheet masks, I absolutely love the Aqua Dressing ones that help my skin to “drink up”. The gel-textured mask also can sooth the skin, and because it is see-through I don’t need to worry about scaring whoever is sitting next to me when I have the mask on :P.

Gel eye patches are easy to use and less messy than the facial mask, sometimes I put them on right before the plane lands to give my eyes a “wake up call”. I tend to save up all my sample products from cosmetic counters and Sephora, they are the perfect size for me to pack and use in flight, I can even do a mini facial while I watch the movie too.

I always pack a pair of eye masks to help me sleep. The silk fabric ones are the best, since it won’t give you wrinkles. Satin ones can do the same trick too, just remember avoiding the polyester eye masks, they are not your good friends.

Eye drops and dental floss are my personal must-haves, I always feel weird travelling without them. For make-up I tend to pack as little as I can, and I don’t like to put too much before arrival. A good sheer coverage BB or CC cream, a blush/lip colour, a concealer and a mascara are my essentials. Remember you want to look fresh when you get out of the plane and not overly done up as if you didn’t take them off before your flight.

Pack some guilt-free snacks, because you might get hungry in between the food servings and when you enjoy the in flight movies! You are on vacation, some snacks won’t hurt too much!

Finally, a good pair of headphones, iPad and my notebook will help me spend the rest of my flight time.

Hope this helps! ❤ Bon voyage!

Hutongs in Beijing

Hutongs aka alleys had formed the old Beijing city, but now most of them are demolished into wider roads and modern buildings, only a few of hutongs are left as protected areas to preserve the Chinese cultural history.

The pictures above were taken in Nanluogu alley, which has been kept as its original hutong look, but with lots of street food and boutiques owned by local Beijingers.

pictures taken by asimOverstands


Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!


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