Starting My Day with Barre

Having a great workout session is always a good way to get my Monday started. I have been doing barre at Barre Body Studio for over a year and half now, and I am still feeling good doing it during my pregnancy. Barre is a combination of ballet, pilate and yoga, the isolation movements help to build up long and lean muscles, as well as improving my posture and flexibility. I am not sure when I will stop going to barre since I am reaching my last trimester, but working out is really important during pregnancy – it helps to burn those extra calories that both the baby and I don’t need, gives me positive energy and I am sure it will help me during labour too.



Lemon Honey

As you may all know that lemons are full of vitamin C, drinking lemon honey water in the morning especially will do your body all the wonders – improvement of digestion, stomach cleanse, boost your energy and improve the mood, it also increases the chance of weight loss.

Here is how to pack these amazing ingredients in a jar and make ready-to-drink lemon honey water. Slice two or three lemons into thin slices to fit the size of the jar, then layer them while pour in some honey to cover. Don’t place all the lemon slices at once, because you want the lemon juice to be fully mixed with honey, so pour honey in section by section until you fill the jar. Ta dah! It’s done! Now you can store this full of goody jar in the fridge and just mix the lemon juice honey with water whenever you want it!

It’s so easy right?! I hope you like it! ❤

Barre Body

Have you heard of Barre Body work out? It’s a combination of Pilate, Yoga and Dance. The workout helps to build up long and lean muscle as well as training your whole body flexibility, posture and balance. Each Barre Body workout class can burn up to 500 calories!!!!! (Oh YES!) I have been doing Barre as a 30-day challenge since October 1st, and I’m looking forward to seeing some results at the end of the month!

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