The Sun is Shining

I haven’t been really posting too much recently, because I just decided to fly back to Beijing for two weeks, so I was busy on finishing some of the work here before I go. It was such a beautiful day, so I thought I should do a mini photoshoot before I leave the city.

Sunglasses, Chanel; flower necklace, Topshop; beige knitted crop top, H&M; navy midi skirt, Zara; pale pink ankle boots, Chloe; Le Boy bag, Chanel.

Hutongs in Beijing

Hutongs aka alleys had formed the old Beijing city, but now most of them are demolished into wider roads and modern buildings, only a few of hutongs are left as protected areas to preserve the Chinese cultural history.

The pictures above were taken in Nanluogu alley, which has been kept as its original hutong look, but with lots of street food and boutiques owned by local Beijingers.

pictures taken by asimOverstands


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