Copenhagen Street Style


During the short stay at Copenhagen, I noticed that most of the people here are wearing all black outfits with colourful sneakers, and I have to say their shinny blond hair really make the all black look interesting! People who are rocking the white hats are the graduates, such a stylish way to celebrate that school is finished.

Today in CPH


Greetings from Copenhagen! Happy weekend ❤


Military jacket, Zara; Denim dress, Topshop; Bag, Chanel.

Europe Trip – Copenhagen

I started my 2-week Europe trip from the beautiful Scandinavian city Copenhagen. They say its the happiest place on earth, by the looks of the people, it seems to be. The pace of life is slow, not too many cars on the street, but tons of fast-riding bikers. The architecture was old and colourful, with beautiful winding streets which was a joy when I ended up taking the wrong turn. Not to mention, the people here are all beautiful – super model-like tall and blonde with barely anything make up on girls.

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