Jewelry Storage

The stylish and modern storage boxes from THOMASPAUL are a great way to put the accessories away. With the fun illustrations outside the boxes you will never misplace your earrings again.

Still life

By far you probably already noticed that I am very much into fashion and photography (if you have been reading my posts). I also love still life images! When I was working for the magazines, I used to style shoes, bags and accessories. To be honest with you, styling props are much harder than styling models! You need to be very creative with the sets and one little change of the prop’s position can make huge difference!

Marsha Golemac, a Melbourne based creative, specializing in styling and installations, uses her eye for straight lines, simplicity and shape, to create beautiful imagery. Her work is elegantly composed, and quite lovely to admire. It’s simplistic, yet full of fun and whimsy.

Pieces of Me

I love to collect things. Erasers, stamps, stickers, dolls, animation figures.. since I was young. Now I collect postcards, lipsticks, nail polishes, shoes and arts. Somehow my husband has the same collecting habit (problem), so we always find ourselves decorating the apartment with our most cherished treasures.

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