Is It Safe to Eat…?

Believe or not, if you type in “is it safe to eat…” on Google, all sort of food names will pop out with “during pregnancy” at the back. Being pregnant is very important to know that whether it is safe to eat the food that I used to have. And I remember when I was travelling in Europe during my first month of pregnancy, I was literally googling the safety of all kinds of food that I ate all the time. So after talking to my midwife, I finally have cleared out what kind of food that I need to avoid.

First of, raw or undercooked meat is a big no no. Because it might cause a flu-like illness that might harm the health of the baby. Also the chance of getting food poisoning by the bacteria will be higher than when you are not pregnant. So say bye bye to sushi and medium rare steak for now…

Soft cheese like feta, brie and blue cheese should be avoid too (I know cheese lovers, I am with you). It might contain bacteria that could cause miscarriage (wooo scary).

Deli meat (cold meat) is not safe to eat during pregnancy too (sad…), because of the bacteria it might contain could cause possible food poisoning and miscarriage. If you really are craving deli meat, then you need to heat it up completely before eating (believe me I really tried but the cooked deli meat tastes just awful!).

Raw or undercooked eggs also need to be avoided. It means you have to cut out all the (delicious) runny yolks, freshly made hollandaise and mayonnaise sauce.

All sort of pate is not safe to eat too. It doesn’t matter if it is vegetarian pate or meat spread or foie gras, it might contain certain bacteria that could cause food poisoning.

The last thing that you need to know is fish with high mercury, which means large deep ocean fish like tuna, shark, swordfish and king mackerel. High level of mercury might be linked to developmental delays and brain damage. However, eating other kinds of fish is very good for you and your baby’s brain development, especially wild salmon!

Ok, apart from sadly knowing all the food that you need to avoid above, there are all other kinds of food that you still can enjoy! My midwife has suggested me to eat lots of meat and vegetables, 4 servings of dairy, 4 servings of fruit and 8 servings of carbs everyday. And it is better to eat small amount rather than large. So if you are used to eat 3 big meals, you can separate them into 5 small meals. And remember being pregnant doesn’t mean that you can let yourself eat whatever and however you want, a balanced and healthy diet will do both you and your baby the best!

I hope this helps ❤

Yes, I am now an official mama-to-be and just finished my first trimester! During the past three months, not only I have realized that pregnancy is full of love, excitements and surprises, but also being more aware of my body and witnessing the rapid transformations that have occurred. Just like most first time new mamas, during this first trimester I had so many concerns about the changes that my body would go through… wether my diet is safe and healthy for the baby and how to alter my lifestyle during this special period of time. So here it is, B.O.B (Baby On Board), my new category of the blog where I will share with you some healthy diet suggestions that my midwife has given me, fashion tips for the ones who still want to look stylish with a baby bump and beauty tips to make you glow! As I have mentioned this is my first pregnancy too, and I am writing this while I am going through each stages, so you are more than welcome to share your experience and tips, because everyone needs a little extra help to enjoy this most beauty moment of our lives right?! ❤

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