5 months

Baby j is 5 months today, already! Now she is getting older and very much attached with just me and her daddy. Sometimes when she meets with other people she will cry and refuse to be held by them… Someone told me that I should let baby j meet with other people more so she knows how to socialize with everyone, but she is just a 5-month old baby, I think we all expect too much from a baby, this is the age that she can just be herself without any expectations, no? Growing up aren’t we all tired of having too much expectations from everyone else? Expect the unexpected is what I need to do, really. 

First post… is harder than I thought!

So I registered as a blogger here for almost a year (just notice today), and obviously that I haven’t come here for so long, now after I deleted the first “welcome to my blog” post that was automatically generated by wordpress, I’m actually writing my first post after one long year!

How many people have the same feeling as i have right now? Thinking that the first post is actually hard to write about?! You want to write something interesting also not too overwhelming and would scare your readers away, you want to tell who you are and what this new blog is all about, but at mean while you want to keep it as a surprise and not to say too much about it.

So here is something about myself. I’m originally from Beijing, China, born and raised there, went to high school in Scotland when I was 17, moved to Manchester for Undergraduate degree, then Coventry for my Master. After 7 years studying business management and moving around in the UK, I decided to move to Vancouver, because I always wanted to do fashion, that was my dream since I was little! So I got my fashion design degree, created jayia.com and did 2 years styling and writing as a fashion editor back in Beijing. During the time working in the magazine really opened up my eyes to the REAL fashion world, which is less glamourous than I expected and way more competitions and works. But luckily I had the opportunities to attend fashion shows, style cover shoots and editorial shoot with celebrities and models, face-to-face interviews with CEOs and head designers from brands like Bulgari, Chopard, Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo and Pomellato…

And now I am starting to write my own blog to share not just fashion and styling tips with you, but also my interests in street and still life photography.

and finally…



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