Yes, I am now an official mama-to-be and just finished my first trimester! During the past three months, not only I have realized that pregnancy is full of love, excitements and surprises, but also being more aware of my body and witnessing the rapid transformations that have occurred. Just like most first time new mamas, during this first trimester I had so many concerns about the changes that my body would go through… wether my diet is safe and healthy for the baby and how to alter my lifestyle during this special period of time. So here it is, B.O.B (Baby On Board), my new category of the blog where I will share with you some healthy diet suggestions that my midwife has given me, fashion tips for the ones who still want to look stylish with a baby bump and beauty tips to make you glow! As I have mentioned this is my first pregnancy too, and I am writing this while I am going through each stages, so you are more than welcome to share your experience and tips, because everyone needs a little extra help to enjoy this most beauty moment of our lives right?! ❤

Show Attending 101


So I went to the Parkshow Calgary last Saturday at the NGA Golf Dome, I want to share with you some tips for attending these kind of fashion shows.

Ditch your Little Black Dress – this is a fashion show you are going, which means you can try something outside your own comfort zone, I don’t mean by wearing crazy things, but if you always wear dark colours, why not switch to something colourful or with fun colour design details. Little White Dress (LWD) is a great choice! It will make you look very fresh and stand out of the crowd! If you really have to wear black, try play with the texture a little bit – sheer, lace or patent will do the trick.

Dressy flats vs. Crazy high heels – if you are the kind of person who always walks around before and after the show, a pair of dressy flats are so effortless and chic. I prefer the pointy ones because they look great with both pants and dress, also elongate the legs. On the other hand, high heels are perfect to complete your head-to-toe dressed up look, but they might get painful at the end of the day, so here are some tips – you can put in a clear jell pad in the sole at your ball of the foot, this will help release some pain. Or you can try pairing a cute pair of socks with the heels (this is how I did on the day), there was zero pain on my feet from rubbing the heels and very stylish too!

Get yourself prepared – there will be photographers and bloggers taking pictures, so be prepared to have your pictures taken! If you are a blogger like me, remember to bring your business cards if you want to mingle and network with people, and a seperate flash for your camera (yes I forgot both…). Well I learned my lesson and there  will always a next time!

The last but not the least… ENJOY THE SHOW!



White dress with cut-out details, Victoria by Victoria Beckham; black ankle socks, Topshop; white pointy heels, Zara; le Boy bag, Chanel. 

Portrait picture take by Doug Wong. 


Art of Packing

There are some great tips for packing from Louis Vuitton, like folding the jacket/blazer with collars up, rolling the jeans to save more space and putting the jacket on top of the suitcase (I always put it at the bottom, no wonder it gets wrinkled so easy). These tips come handy for the up-coming holiday season, packing can be fun and creative too. I am off to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving weekend, so exited! Where is your destination?

Bon Voyage!

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