Makeup for Glasses by Lisa Eldridge

Lisa Eldridge has been my inspiration for makeup for years! I love the way she applies and demonstrates the ways she does for different looks, she is just so elegant to watch! Today I am sharing with you her latest post of doing makeup for glasses wearers. I wear glasses myself and I always always find it so frustrated with how to do my makeup with glasses. I think this post is great for those of you who has the same problem like me. Also I didn’t know that near sighted glasses actually make the eyes look smaller than they should be, no wonder I always feel like I look different with and without glasses. Anyways, hopefully this post solves your problems like mine!

The Alexa Chung Look!


Lisa Eldridge make up tutorial videos probably are my favourite subscription channel on Youtube! Her clips are from everyday easy make ups to red carpet or celebrities’ signature looks. And today she did a classic Alexa Chung look with Alexa herself! So I had to share with you her easy-to-follow effortless beauty look!

Enjoy ❤

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