Yue Zi

Yue Zi (月子)is a Chinese tradition that combines 30 days of bed resting and nutrients food intaking that is followed by almost all Chinese women after they give birth to help restoring their health back. As a Chinese woman I did try to follow all the “rules” but the entire traditional regimen was way more difficult than it was actually relaxing. Traditionally, during this month, the new mama is not allowed to leave the house, she should be staying in bed for most of the time, and more over she is not allowed to touch cold water when washing hands and brushing teeth, or drinking cold fluid. As crazy as it sounds, I could not finish my 30 days tradition, by the end of the third week my mind was going crazy because of not being able to step outside to breathe the fresh air. So I ended my Yue Zi at week three and pushed my stroller out to enjoy the beautiful spring.

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